Welcome to my website. I have been photographing subjects from the mundane to the sublime for over twenty-eight years. I have always tried to treat each subject with enthusiasm, respect, and a sense of whimsy and wonder.

My specialty is not specializing. I have been fortunate to photograph people and product, in the studio and on location. I shoot for advertising agencies, design firms, and directly for clients.

When shooting in the studio, I work in a 3000 square foot studio originally built in the 1920’s. The space includes: office space, hair and makeup room, a full kitchen, 2500 square feet of shooting space, and a comfortable sitting/working area for clients. 

I believe in the collaborative nature of commercial photography, uniting inspired ideas. I have worked with some of the best clients. A partial list includes: Celestial Seasonings, JD Edwards, Children’s Hospital, Coors Brewing Company, Forest Oil, Head Sports, Miller Brewing, Pentax, Qwest, Revolution Cleaners, Xcel Energy, and Keller Homes.

I am pleased when, at the end of the project, the client will say, “well that was enjoyable” as if they are surprised, as if previous photo shoots were painful experiences. Pushing to create strong, conceptual, beautiful images can be stressful and difficult, but in the end, we’re taking pictures. It’s supposed to be fun.